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World Leading Expert on Tonkotsu Ramen

At ICHIRAN we don’t diversify our menu, but concentrate only on Tonkotsu Ramen.

Ramen is offered in a wide range of types, from those based on soy sauce, salt, or miso paste, as well as varying broths like seafood-based broths or meat-based broths. The safety and satisfaction of our customers is our priority. That is why we only use the highest-in-quality products for the creation of our ramen. Our professionals are masters of the complicated techniques involved in ramen making, and they always pursue a higher level of exquisiteness for our customers.

Our mission is a quest for new ideas, a thorough search for new ways of bringing more delight to the palate of our customers.

Our natural pork-bone soup is skimmed to perfection so that the ultimate flavor of pork is drawn out.

ICHIRAN's special raw noodles are made from a unique blend of quality flours, with the foremost consideration being synergy with our soup.

Additionally, our original aged "Spicy Red Sauce" is a chili-powder based blend of 30 different ingredients that is added to our ramen to bring out a more rich taste.

Ichiran's 15 Second Standard

Our fresh noodles are time sensitive. Once in the boiling water, they expand. Therefore, we strive to deliver your ramen from kitchen to your table within a fifteen-second window so you can enjoy exactly the texture you ordered. We have a rule about how long it takes for our noodles to reach a guest’s table. Anything over that limit is unacceptable, which is why all seats are within arm’s length. The time? 15 seconds.