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Take-Out Delivery



Freshly Made Ramen 
Delivered to Your Door

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a bowl of soup

Noodles especially developed for you to enjoy at home! Our newest freshly made noodles! 

Even though so many of you have told us you want to be able to eat our freshly made ramen at home, we want to provide only the highest quality ramen. The house-made noodles of our Classic Tonkotsu Ramen are so delicate that they need to be eaten soon after cooking, so we weren't able to provide any ramen for take-out or delivery until now. 

With the recent events, many more people are staying home. We have also received more and more requests for take-out and delivery. To answer those requests, we began developing a new noodle recipe specifically for take out and delivery. Our craftsmen spent many months testing and perfecting the recipe, finally creating our newest noodles. These noodles are sturdier and still have the great quality and flavor you expect from ICHRIAN. Our delivery ramen uses the exact same broth and chashu (pork slices) as the ramen in our restaurant so you can enjoy the same great flavors and quality at home. These noodles are ICHIRAN's very first step in recreating our flavors and quality for take-out and delivery. For the first time in ICHIRAN history, you can now order our ramen and have it delivered to your door with the same great taste and quality you find at our restaurant.

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“Hiden no Tare” (“Original Spicy Red Sauce”) is an ICHIRAN Original. You often see ramen served with a thick red sauce, but this concept started at ICHIRAN.
Our secret togarashi pepper blend contains 30 different ingredients and is aged for several days, creating a paste that is not just spicy, but filled with many flavors that result in a richer, tastier ramen.

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Dashi (soup stock) is a key part of ramen’s flavor. ICHIRAN’s unique dashi is produced to our exacting standards, with the recipe a closely guarded secret known to only four individuals .
When served at our restaurants, our advanced culinary techniques and careful preparation ensure consistent flavor for every bowl of Ramen.

a bowl of soup and a spoon

ICHIRAN’s special tonkotsu pork bone broth has been developed and refined through years of research.
At our restaurants, our broth is constantly monitored, simmered, and skimmed of fat, resulting in an authentic, flavorful tonkotsu broth without the usual strong aroma.

The Classic Tonkotsu Ramen (Chilled)

The Classic Tonkotsu Ramen (Chilled) is available starting via Chowbus.

We are happy to announce that the Chilled Classis Tonkotsu Ramen will be available for ICHIRAN fans. As the Classic Tonkotsu Ramen is refrigerated in a special condition after cooking, you can now enjoy the harmony of our soup, noodles and original spicy red sauce not only at our restaurants but also at home. This carefully developed chilled ramen can be delivered to areas outside of its current delivery range. So, the ramen's same flavor served at our restaurants will be delivered to your door.


Long distance delivery is available !