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ICHIRAN's story began in Hakata, the epicenter of the tonkotsu ramen movement. We are on a mission to provide our guests with the best tonkotsu ramen, using only the finest ingredients and the most advanced techniques developed by our master artisans.

Home of Five Originals

ICHIRAN created the “Five Originals,” five revolutionary elements of tonkotsu ramen.

1. Original Spicy Red Sauce
2. Aromatic Tonkotsu Broth
3. Solo Dining Booth
4. Order Form
5. Kae-Dama Ordering System

1. Original Spicy Red Sauce

The Original Spicy Red Sauce is one of five ICHIRAN Originals. With this original sauce, ICHIRAN was the first to introduce the now popular concept of serving ramen with a thick, red sauce. The secret togarashi pepper blend of our Original Spicy Red Sauce is made from combining over 30 different spices and then slowly aging it to perfection. This creates a sauce that is spicy, yet contains a full of a variety of flavors that when combined with our broth and noodles, creates a richer, tastier ramen. Visually, the red circular shape of the sauce contrasts beautifully with the light, cloudy broth.

2. Aromatic Tonkotsu Broth

ICHIRAN is the birthplace of an authentic tasting tonkotsu broth that does not contain the usual strong aroma.

ICHIRAN's all-natural tonkotsu broth is extracted from 100% pork bones. Boiling pork bones for soup normally produces a strong-smelling broth, however, the advanced technology and extraction methods of our expert artisans remove the strong aroma. Their expertise has created a savory tonkotsu soup that both smells and tastes delicious, another ICHIRAN Original!

3. Ramen Focus Booth

Be a little more intimate with your ramen with ICHIRAN's own Ramen Focus Booths - designed to allow you to focus on the flavors of your bowl with minimal distractions. This ICHIRAN Original was created in response to the many distractions and loud surroundings of a typical ramen restaurant. Conversations with other customers, hurried movements of the chefs, and many other sounds and images prevent you from focusing on your meal, distracting you from the wonderful experience in front of you. ICHIRAN's Ramen Focus Booths solves this by blocking out the distractions, allowing you to focus all of your attention into fully enjoying the flavors of our ramen.

4. Order Form

Another ICHIRAN Original, the written order system lets you specify exactly how you like your ramen. From flavor strength of the broth to noodle texture, we make it easy to craft your own perfect bowl of tonkotsu ramen. Order forms are available in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese. 

5. Kae-Dama Ordering System

To order an additional serving of noodles, simply place the "Kae-Dama" plate on the sensor at the corner of the table. A brief melody will play as a server comes to retrieve the plate. ICHIRAN's unique system uses a quick and word-less method to order more noodles to satisfy your ramen craving.

Enjoy the Best Ramen direct from Japan!

Voted No. 1 in Japan and popular worldwide.
Try our authentic flavors and unique dining experience. 









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