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Send a Digital Gift Card
(Load with any amount between $5-$100)

FAQ - Read First!

Terms and Conditions

Buy Online or In Person

Digital gift cards can be purchased online,* through your ICHIRAN app, or at one of our restaurants.

Load it with a min of $5 to a max of $100.

*No sign up required.

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Email or In Your App

Our gift card partner, TouchBistro, will email* your gift card to anyone you like.

It's also automatically added to your ICHIRAN app.

*Emailed gift cards cannot be unsent or canceled if sent to the wrong email address.

Left hand holding smartphone displaying ICHIRAN digital gift card QR code

Use It To Dine

Scan the gift card QR code at any of our NYC restaurants.

Use it to pay for your ramen, get a Ramen Kit, or other ICHIRAN merch.

Gift cards cannot be used for our online store.

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Digital Gift Card FAQ

Email us your questions at

Looking for terms and conditions? Click here.

1. Where can I get ICHIRAN's digital gift card?
Online (no sign up necessary), through the ICHIRAN app, or at one of our restaurants.
Click here to purchase a gift card.

2. Is it a physical card?
No. It's a QR code that gets emailed. The email will come from TouchBistro, our gift card partner.
You can also find active gift cards under "Rewards" in your app.

3. How much is a gift card?
You can choose to load the gift card with any amount between $5 - $100.
We suggest $30 - enough for a bowl of ramen and something extra.

4. Are the gift cards emailed right away or can I choose a different date to send them?
It's up to you! You can choose to have the gift card emailed immediately or choose future date and time for it to be emailed to the recipient.

5. Where can the digital gift cards be used?
At any of our restaurants in NYC.
Gift cards cannot be used at:
- ICHIRAN Online Store
- Online ordering for pick-up at ICHIRAN Brooklyn (TouchBistro Dine)

6. Can I get points and redeem rewards with the digital gift card?
Yes, you can collect points when paying with a digital gift card. Rewards can also be redeemed. 

7. Can digital gift cards be used to pay for things other than ramen?
Yes, but only for purchases made in person at one of our restaurants.

8. Are the digital gift cards refundable?
No. All sales of our digital gift cards are FINAL. They cannot be refunded or canceled.

9. What if it gets sent to the wrong email address?
If the email address does not exist, the email will bounce back and your payment will not go through.

If the email address is valid, but is NOT the right one, a valid gift card will still be emailed. However your CANNOT unsend, refund, or cancel the card.

Therefore, **ALWAYS double check the email address!!**

10. Can the digital gift card be sent by SMS/text?
 No, it is sent only by email. You can also find active gift cards under "Rewards" in your ICHIRAN app.

11. Does the digital gift card need to be activated?
 No, the gift cards are active once they get emailed.

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